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Stafford Borough

Site Name

Grid Ref.


Beech Caves, Swynnerton

SJ 855 382

Uncommon example of pillar-and-stall workings in a sandstone quarry.

Bishop's Offley (north), Adbaston

SJ 782 298

A road cutting showing a good length of examples of Triassic sandstone features.

Broadhill Scarp, Gnosall

SJ 801 196

An extensive outcrop of mottled Triassic sandstone

Brocton Gravel Pit (west), Brocton

SJ 974 191

Well-exposed example of Triassic pebble beds.

Cliffs Caves, Great Haywood, Colwich

SK 000 218

Fine exposure of Triassic building sandstone which also shows copper mineralisation in places.

Cotwalton Drumble, Stone

SJ 917 349

Triassic sandstone showing typical water-produced sedimentary structures.

Cowley canal cutting, Gnosall

SJ 823 196

Site where structures in the mudstones can be found.

Greatwood Farm Caves, Eccleshall

SJ 775 312

Examples of structures produced from the extraction basal 'marl' horizon.

Hanchurch Hills, Swynnerton

SJ 841 400

Historically important site associated with Charles Darwin and the recognition of an igneous dyke.

Highlows Farm Quarry, Coldmeece

SJ 858 334

Historically important site where the first magnetic geophysical equipment was tested.

High Onn Manor Church Eaton

SJ 825 162

Site which shows evidence of the direction of flow of glaciers in the last Ice Age.

Kingswood Bank Gravel Pit, Trentham Park, Swynnerton

SJ 854 403

Excellent example of typical Triassic sandstone and conglomerate interbedding.

Satnall Hills Quarry, Berkswich

SJ 983 208

Well-exposed example of the Cannock Chase Formation pebble beds.

Source: SGAP.  Note that these sites do not indicate public access - landowners' permission must be sought.

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