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Peak District

Peak District (Staffordshire Moorlands District)

Site Name

Grid Ref.


Apes Tor, Wetton

SK 099 586

Impressive example of structural folding in Carboniferous limestone

Blake Brook (west), Blake Brook (east), Fawfieldhead

SK 061 612
SK 065 612

Section through several marine bands around the horizon of the Minn Sandstones to the west, and an almost complete Kinderscoutian sequence to the east.

Dale Quarries, Manifold Valley

SK 093 587

Good exposures of the higher (younger) levels of the Ecton Limestones.

Ecton Copper Mines, Manifold Valley

SK 099 580

Historically important copper ore extraction and the visible remains of this industry.

Five Clouds, Leekfrith

SK 001 627

Well-exposed site of Five Clouds Sandstone.

Gib Torr Rocks, Quarnford

SK 018 648

Impressive exposure of the Chatsworth Grits.

Greens (NW), River Dane, Quarnford

SK 005 670

Folding and sedimentary structures exhibited in the Rough Rock Group sandstone.

Grindon Moor Quarries, Grindon

SK 060 559

Example of the fossiliferous Onecote Sandstone.

Hen Cloud, Leekfrith

SK 008 616

Impressive topographical feature of Roaches Grit.

Hope Marsh, Alstonefield

SK 119 555

Rare fossiliferous exposure of inter-reef beds in the Hopedale Limestones.

Ironpits, Hamps Valley, Waterhouses

SK 066 520

Exposure of Arnsbergian aged fossiliferous shale.

Lee House Quarry (W), Waterhouses

SK 086 503

Type locality for the brachiopod Gigantoproductus crassiventa.

Lee House Quarry (E), Waterhouses

SK 087 503

Unusually fossiliferous example of the Hopedale Limestones.

Lee railway cutting, (N) Manifold Valley,

SK 093 581

Stratigraphical boundary between the Milldale and Ecton Limestones.

Meadow Farm (S), Hamps Valley

SK 046 579

Example of moderately fossiliferous Ecton (Mixon) Limestones.

Ramshaw Rocks, Heathylee

SK 019 623

Outstanding landscape feature produced from Roaches Grit.

Roaches, Leekfrith

SK 002 633

Prominent landscape crag feature of Roaches Grit.

Sheen Hill, Sheen

SK 111 625

Most prominent example of the Sheen Sandstones.

Wetton Road Quarry, Grindon

SK 094 541

Example of easily recognised large scale folding in the Ecton Limestone rocks.

Wiggenstall Stream (S), Fawfieldhead

SK 091 606

Exposure of bentonite (altered ash) bands within the Namurian shales.

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